Allied Arts of Renton Honored with 2018 OSA

Sitting clockwise around the table are: Donna Duffey, Jaris English, Sue Tierney, Linda Middlebrooks, Shari Fisher and Deloris Dewing. Standing is Cira Reymann. Not pictured: Melody Kroeger, Sonja Kyes, Janice Tanner and Pat Tucker-Dolan.

Since 1991, the volunteer Renton River Days (RRDs) Board of Directors has selected an individual, team or organization to receive the festival’s Outstanding Service Award.   This year, the Board selected Allied Arts of Renton, Inc. An all-volunteer non-profit organization, with a passion for the arts, Allied Arts of Renton (AAR) has been actively promoting arts in Renton since its formation in 1963.  The 11-member volunteer Board of Directors, who represent a variety of art groups and interests in the community, believe a strong arts community is a valuable asset to our City.

Highlights of AAR efforts within the RRDs festival and year-round volunteer and service areas supporting the arts include:

  •  Organizing and producing the Chalk Art Contest, a Renton River Days activity that has been a part of the festival for over 20 years.  The event is free and open to creative individuals from one to one hundred.  There are various categories where the artwork is judged and awarded prizes. The event always occurs on Saturday of RRDs and draws between 75 to 100 participants.
  • AAR volunteers help every year at the Annual Renton Annual Art Show held at the Renton Community Center in Cedar River Park during RRDs. AAR also provides funding including special Allied Arts prizes to selected pieces of art during the Preview Party on Thursday night.
  • AAR organizes and sponsors another major event in Renton, the Fall Family Concert at the Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center featuring the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra.  AAR believes in partnerships to make every arts dollar be twice as effective and appreciates the sponsorships of the Renton School District, 4Culture, the Renton Regional Community Foundation and the Renton Municipal Arts Commission in this endeavor.  This helps keep tickets prices low so that the entire family may enjoy and experience a professional symphonic concert with a first class orchestra.
  • Other events organized by AAR included book signing events to help promote local writers and scholarships to young aspiring artists.

As a non-profit organization, AAR depends on the continued support of donors.  Every cent AAR receives in donations goes directly into arts-oriented programs. You can support Allied Arts of Renton by sending a check to Allied Arts of Renton, P.O. Box 151, Renton, WA 98057 or you can go online to Renton Regional Community Foundation and click the DONATE button and scroll to Allied Arts of Renton.

The festival’s Outstanding Service Award recognizes exemplary pride and dedication towards the continued success of Renton’s community festival, and gratefully acknowledges the commitment and efforts of a volunteer, team, organization, or community partner who help ensure the legacy of Renton’s festival traditions and community spirit.   Past recipients have primarily included well-deserving individuals, but also teams such as the City of Renton Parks and Recreation Departments, and employees of First Financial Northwest Bank who volunteer in large numbers to help organize, manage, and stage the parade.

Outstanding Service Award recipients include (1991-2018): Doug Kyes, Char Baker, Don Persson, Toni Nelson, Sylva Coppock, Pat Newberry, Joyce Williams, Sam Chastain, City of Renton Park Maintenance & Recreation Divisions, Sandy Chastain, Tim Searing, Jeff Lukins, Chuck Tiernan, Jerry Rerecich, Pat O’Dell, Mark Kotlan, Suzanne Thompson, First Financial Northwest Bank Parade Volunteers, Helenanne Botham, Kiwanis/Lions/Rotary Service Clubs, Norm and Carol Abrahamson, Renee Lukins, Kent Phillips (STAR 101.5 FM), Bonnie Rerecich, Jerry Kavesh, IKEA, Carol Janssen and Allied Arts of Renton.